Conference Sponsorships

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the 2021 Carolinas Cash Adventure Conference.  

Information is shown for the 2020 conference but will not be active until January of 2021.

Please review the information below for the 2020 conference.

The 2020 conference marks the 36th anniversary of this great conference. More than 175 treasury professionals from the two states, as well as surrounding states, will be joining us for three days of networking and educational opportunities.

Prior years' sponsors tell us they appreciate our conference's arrangements and expectations. Since we do not have an exhibit hall that requires the manning of a booth, sponsors are able to actually attend the sessions, where the networking opportunities are better.  However, depending on your sponsorship level, sponsors may have "table setups" in the conference foyer where they can display materials.  You have the option of manning the table as little or as much as you desire. Some of the features benefiting offical sponsors include low cost, not-for-profit pricing for sponsonships, complimentary registration fees for certain levels, quality networking time during session breaks and our Tuesday Night Event, pre-registration list prior to the conference, and recognition through signage strategically placed through the conference area. 

Official Sponsorships

Below you will find the three primary levels and associated pricing that are being offered for official sponsors of the 2020 conference.  The levels are the same as last year: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.  To review the benefits for each level, click on that appropriate level.  Organizations that select either the Platinum or Gold level will note that there is a substantial benefit of receiving one or two complimentary registrations.  We continue to keep the pricing low, as sponsors do not have to pay for exhibit booths.   

$3,150 - Platinum Level 
$2,000 - Gold Level
   $875 - Silver Level

If your organization desires to participate as a speaker, ensure to complete the speaker request form found on the Speaker Submission page.  The form should then be uploaded using the event "Speaker and Topic Submission" on the registration page.The deadline for submission of speakers is January 24, 2020.

Deadline for official sponsorship is also January 24, 2020.  Any sponsorships after this date is on a rolling basis and the benefits for each level are not guaranteed.  Benefit priority is based on sponsorship level and sign up date.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

This year we are also including the following: (click here for more details on each)

$3,500 - Keynote Speaker Sponsorship

$2,500 - Kickoff Speaker Sponsorship

$2,000 - CTP Exam Review Sponsorship

$2,000 - Cocktails before Tuesday Night Event Sponsorship

$2,000 - Innovation Award Sponsorship

   $750 - Community Outreach Sponsorship

   $500 - Refreshment Break Sponsorship

These can be done in addition to official sponsorship or separately.  Please see the Prospectus link below for additional details on these opportunities.

If you have any questions about being a sponsor, please contact Mike Lewis via email, or telephone 919-786-8772.  If you have questions regarding the status of a payment made, please contact the  Conference Treasurer via email.

When registering you will have to select one of two payment methods. Select "Online payment" if you are paying by credit card at the time of registering; or select "Invoice payment" if you will be paying by check.  Unless otherwise requested, your registration confirmation email will serve as your invoice.

You can also download a copy of the Sponsorship Prospectus for the information above.  A W-9 is included in the prospectus.

Once you have determined the sponsorship level and are ready to make a commitment, you can confirm your intent by selecting the event "Sponsorship for 2020 Carolinas Cash Adventure" on the registration page.                                                 

All organizations listed on the "Official Sponsors for 2020" page will be included in the materials and signage at the Conference.  If you have not already paid, please do so ASAP.

Gold and Platinum sponsors will be contacted about the free complimentary conference registration(s) after registration has been paid.  A code must be used when registering for the fee to be waived.

Please note that registering to be a "sponsor" is not the same as registering to be an "attendee" of the conference. Registering as an attendee is a separate registration process.  So if you have registered your organization as a sponsor, you must still register as an "attendee" of the conference.


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