Keynote Lunch Speaker - 2018

Tim Worley

Co-Founder/CEO of Worley Global Enterprises


Tim Worley is a former University of Georgia All-American running back, and was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers as the seventh overall pick in the first round of the 1989 NFL Draft. He played six seasons in the NFL with the Steelers and the Chicago Bears. He is now co-founder and CEO of Worley Global Enterprises - a communications consulting firm.

Through Worley Global Enterprises, Tim travels the country as a John C. Maxwell certified speaker, Life Skills Consultant and certified Human Behavior Consultant to corporate executives, business leadership, organizational leadership, professional athletes, amateur athletes, men’s groups, recovery centers and ministries.

Tim has developed two Life Skills Consulting programs – one for NCAA student-athletes and one for NFL athletes. The programs focus on life skills development and character building based on the many challenges he faced in his amateur and professional football career, including substance abuse, suspension and financial ruin. Tim administered the NFL program to the 2014 Tennessee Titans rookies, and he is in the process of proposing his programs to NCAA schools and to all 32 NFL teams.

His NFL Life Skills Consulting Program and life skills blog series for NFL rookies has generated national media attention, and was featured in an article.

Tim hosted an Internet radio show, Beyond the Locker Room with Tim Worley...Where Sports Meets Life. The commentary-based program focused on the stories behind the stories of current events in sports. He examined hot topics in sports from a life skills and character development perspective on his once weekly show. His first-hand experiences “from the penthouse to the outhouse” as a publicly risen and fallen SEC All- American and NFL first-round draft pick position him as an expert on the “why’s” behind the negative headlines permeating sports news, and he is committed to a proactive - rather than a reactive - approach to being part of the solution.

Tim’s life skills consulting work with NCAA and NFL athletes, as well as his unique perspective after suffering the well-documented premature end of his NFL career due to lack of character and poor financial choices, are the foundation from which he administers his unique brand of leadership and character development coaching.

He has a gregarious personality, and an  uncompromisingly passionate stance on the importance of developing amateur and professional athletes’ character alongside the development of their talent. He is also “divinely assigned” to men’s ministry and mentoring, and is a member of the National Coalition of Ministry to Men.

In addition to his professional speaking and life skills consulting work, Tim was also Chaplain in his city’s Downtown Rescue Mission, where he worked one-on-one with homeless men struggling with substance abuse.

Tim was selected to the 2013 SEC Legends class, representing the University of Georgia. He was also inducted into the Florida-Georgia Hall of Fame in 2007, and into the Robeson County Sports Hall of Fame (his hometown county) in 2011.

After writing the foreword for University of Georgia historian Patrick Garbin’s book, I Love Georgia, I Hate Florida (published in 2012), he was encouraged to formally chronicle his story. Tim’s memoir is more than another former pro athlete telling a cautionary tale of fame, fortune and failure. It is a practically applied educational tool for men of all ages with a singular mission: to help men repositions themselves as providers, protectors and leaders within their spheres of influence.

Tim’s memoir is slated for publication in 2019.

Tim is more than a good communicator; he’s an effective one. When he communicates - whether on the page or on stage - people receive an internal call-to-action, and are motivated to stop doing what’s not working, and start doing what does work. His life experiences represent a colorful portrait of the pleasure and pain of life in the fast lane, and the steps he’s taken to slow down and let God sit in the driver’s seat

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