2019 Conference Event Track


All general and concurrent sessions are open to all attendees and have no specific prerequisites to attend.  However, it is recommended that participants have a general knowledge of the subject matter being presented either through formal education and classes or work experience.  The sessions are formatted in a group setting and are geared towards intermediate level learning.  In keeping with the "green initiative," paper handouts for each session will not be distributed but will be available for downloading from the website to your laptop or other mobile device.  Speaker presentations will be available closer to the conference.  If the name of the session is highlighted, this is a hyperlink to an electronic copy of the presentation.


The 2019 conference is approved for up to 16.6 CTP\CCM recertification credits and 11.8 FP&A re-certification credits. It is approved for up to 13 hours for CPE.



                                           2019 Carolinas Cash Adventure Schedule

All sessions are held in Kensington D & E Conference Rooms.



    Sunday Afternoon

Registration - 5:00 to 7:00 - Harrow Room

(corner of Westminster & Cambridge Halls - next to normal conference rooms)



Monday Morning Sessions

Session 1 (8:00 – 9:00)

Opening Speaker

More than just a Job: Transforming the World through Business

Boomer Brown

Inspire and encourage others to excel in their current role by being leaders who build good people, develop good leaders, follow good process, and reap a good profit that can be re-invested in Total Societal Impact (TSI) opportunities.


Session 2 (9:15 – 10:15)

Attracting and Retaining Talent

Laura Grogan O’Mara – Bank of America Merrill Lynch

 The war for talent is heating up, and competitive benefits are becoming increasingly important. Human capital, not credit, is often cited as a key obstacle to growth and compensation growth is limited in most sectors of the U.S. economy as benefits are considered more and more important to employees. We will provide an overview of insights we have gathered in our Workplace Benefits report and share how Washington policy makers are addressing employee benefits issues.Cash Automation


Sessions 3a and 3b (10:30 – 11:30)

Cash Automation

Lenny Evansek - Loomis

A look into the overall cash presence in today’s dynamic market. Including micro and macro-economic trends and the correlation with the cash automation evolution. Conceptual differences and benefits of the different market approaches along with long term strategy and impact when choosing an automation concept and partner.


The Next Generation of Treasury Technology

Brad Teaver – Kyriba

The next generation of Treasury Technology. Is it worth getting a treasury provider? What should you look at and what to include in an RFP?

Luncheon & Keynote Address (11:45 – 1:15)

The Pursuit of Endurance: Mastering the Art of Resiliency

Jennifer Pharr Davis

This talk, based on Jennifer’s most recent book, is an empowering examination of the mindset and action steps that lead to long-term success. She unveils the secrets of accomplished record setters, defines the building blocks of endurance, then uses them to lay a foundation for every individual in the audience to go farther and do more than they previously thought possible.


Monday Afternoon Sessions

Sessions 4a and 4b (1:45 – 2:45)

Increase Deposits by Promoting Captive Insurance Model

Jeremy Colombik – Management Services International

What is the captive insurance model and how can it increase deposits for small to mid- sized businesses that gross one million or more?  This session will discuss how this works and the risks\rewards associated with using it.


SmartSafe vs Recyclers - How To Know Which Way To Go

Chris Block– SafeDeposit

Beginning with a look at the history and current state of Remote Cash Capture, we will dive into the attributes of both Smart Safes and Cash Recyclers.  Discussing when each makes sense in a retail setting based on store characteristics including industry, cash handling processes, and appetite for automation vs. cost.


Sessions 5a and 5b (3:00 – 4:00)

Payables Invoice Management

Devanna Donofrio - BB&T

Rather than leading your team through the grind of your business payments month after month, a more proactive approach – perhaps based in automation – can provide a number of benefits.  Optimized cash flow, stronger vendor relationships, and decreased costs can all result from a new approach. We’ll discuss how an automated payments process can deliver for your company, and how you can begin to explore a transition to a more efficient and effective way of doing business.


What’s Happening in Payments?

Gary Nesbitt & Sims Propst

Faster Payments which definitely will include Same Day ACH and what is going on there (more processing windows and larger $ amounts) as well as several other initiatives such as The Clearing House’s Real Time Payment (RTP) and some of the things that the Fed is considering. 


Tuesday Morning Sessions

Sessions 6a and 6b (8:00 – 9:00)

Current State of the European Money Market Industry: Trends, regulatory changes and implications of Brexit

Scott Wachs  – Morgan Stanley

Money market funds are an important cash investment vehicle for European institutional investors.  However, the development, growth and size of the industry has seen significant differences from that of U.S.  The session will review the structure and key characteristics of the European money market fund industry and trends.  Particularly emphasis will be placed on the recently implemented European Money Market fund reform regulations including new product offerings and investor reactions.  Additionally, the evolution of Brexit, what exactly is happening and how institutions in the U.S. may be impacted will be discussed.


Disrupt & Transform: Strategies for your new normal

Seth Marlowe – Wells Fargo

In this session we will discuss highly actionable ways to address financial automation that can create momentum to tackle the strategic initiatives of your CFO and Treasurer.

By starting with low cost, low resource technologies such as RPA and APIs, your organization can gain some quick hits, both freeing up time and starting to cultivate a data-centric mindset. These experiences and project successes are the foundation for adding on strategic projects using emerging tech like Big Data and AI.

This approach will take your organization to the next level.


• Learn how APIs and RPA don't have to be enterprise wide initiatives and small micro projects can be the launching pad for larger and broader projects.

• Learn how these tools can help you address your organization's Big Data and help cleanse it for AI-readiness

• Learn how AI can improve processes both operational and strategic in your organization.


Sessions 7a and 7b (9:15 – 10:15)

Managing Global FX Risk in Volatile Times

Jesse Shute & David Frost - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

This session will discuss an update on macro factors affecting currency markets and current trends for managing FX risk.


Current Interest Rate Environment

Kerry Pope - Fidelity

For the first time in nearly a decade, the trade winds of liquidity have shifted to advantage market based solutions. While the current rate environment may seem like the anomaly given our extended period at near zero rates, The Federal Reserve’s forward guidance suggests that short-term rates may continue to maintain their attractive levels thus strengthening the incentives to return to market based liquidity solutions.    
To assist you in better evaluating the risk/return dynamics of these strategic liquidity alternatives, Fidelity Investments Institutional Portfolio Manager Kerry Pope/Chris Lewis will offer insights on market rates, demand and supply imbalances, markets factors and investment solutions that benefit from an expanding economic environment. While regulations and trade tariffs and sanctions have clouded the investment landscape, we will overview secular trends to provide a longer-term prospective necessary to frame today’s environment and to enhance your understanding of the forces impacting the liquidity markets in the future. The incentives to return to market based liquidity solutions remains elevated as the Federal Reserve shifts to a policy of patience.  Even government money market funds with same day liquidity, no SEC mandated liquidity gates and fees and a stable $1.00 NAV now yield over 2%. If you continue to keep operational cash in a bank administered rate strategy of the last decade, now may be the time to reconsider your liquidity alternatives.     


Session 8 (10:30 – 11:30)

Treasury Innovation of Year Award

The award was established to recognize corporate treasury talent and solutions that impact business growth.  The selection criterion used was whether the solution demonstrated best practice approach to a non-technology solution or implemented an innovative technology which lead to a considerable cost savings, high ROI, more sufficient processes leading to overall efficiency, use of cutting edge technology, or outstanding usage of budget or time.

The winner will discuss their innovation and the impacts it had on the company so other companies may be able to take this same approach.


Lunch/Regional Meeting (11:30 – 12:30)


Tuesday Afternoon Sessions

Session 9 (12:45 – 1:45)

Economic Update

Kurt J. Rankin - PNC Bank

Discuss what the broad measures of economic and financial activity say about the current and future state of the state and national economy.


Session 10 (2:00 – 3:00)

Cyber Fraud

Cindy Starns – FBI

An overview of technology based attacks targeting information and services. Cyber Intrusions – Targets and Methods
• Phishing/Spear Phishing
• Social Engineering
• Business E-mail Compromises (BEC)
• Ransomware
Huawei Indictments – Bank Fraud
Cyber Security Resources


Tuesday Night Event

Back to the 80’s …. Where the Adventure Began


Wednesday Morning Sessions

Session 11 (8:30 – 11:30)

Annual Technology Update

Rob Hickson

Rob closes out our event bringing his unique perspective and discussion of all things technology.  If you've seen him before, you know that sleeping is not an option as he will cover numerous technology topics in a fast paced, energized delivery.

Rob always includes a list of the top questions he receives from participants along with detailed answers, advice and plenty of audience discussion.


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