2018 Conference Event Track


All general and concurrent sessions are open to all attendees and have no specific prerequisites to attend.  However, it is recommended that participants have a general knowledge of the subject matter being presented either through formal education and classes or work experience.  The sessions are formatted in a group setting and are geared towards intermediate level learning.  In keeping with the "green initiative," paper handouts for each session will not be distributed but will be available for downloading from the website to your laptop or other mobile device.  Speaker presentations will be available closer to the conference.  If the name of the session is highlighted, this is a hyperlink to an electronic copy of the presentation.


The 2018 Conference has not yet been approved for CTP or FP&A re-certification.  The 2017 conference was up to 15.2 CTP recertification credits and 0.4 FP&A re-certification credits.



                                             2018 Carolinas Cash Adventure Schedule

All sessions are held in Kensington D & E Conference Rooms.

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    Sunday Afternoon

Registration - 5:00 to 7:00 - Harrow Room

(corner of Westminster & Cambridge Halls - next to normal conference rooms)


Monday Morning Sessions

Session 1  (8:00 - 9:00)

Economic Update

Richard Kaglic - Federal Reserve Bank

During this session, Richard will talk about what the broad measures of economic and financial activity say about the current state, as well as what it might mean for the near term outlook. He will also be presenting an assessment of both North and South Carolina's economic vitality focusing on recent economic trends in the region as viewed through data on labor markets, industry, household spending, and other measures. He will discuss what the data may imply for the region's near term future and its associated impact from a business, banking and Treasury perspective.


Sessions 2a and 2b (9:15 - 10:15)

Fintechs and Their Impact on How We Do Business Today

Chris Block - SafeDeposit

We will explore the current FinTech landscape from two prospectives:  1. How they expand options and impact businesses    2.How they impact banking both from a competitive standpoint and a collaborative standpoint.


Optimizing Payments for Efficiency, Risk, and Incentives

Neal Herring - Vizant

What are the benefits associated with electronic and virtual payments – a discussion of the total cost which extends across the entire payment cycle and puts it into perspective. Blockchain will be discussed relative to processing payment data. Discussion will center around how to optimize the payment solution by factoring cost, efficiency, risk and incentives.


Sessions 3a and 3b (10:30 - 11:30)

Do RFPs Give You the Blues

Aeron Sharp - Redbridge

Treasurers conduct an RFP for cash management services to improve pricing, learn about service capabilities, and ultimately choose the ideal partner for their growing business.  Learn how treasurers and experts get the most out of an RFP process by taking a structured approach, developing a detailed project plan, checklists, defining stakeholders and creating a cross functional internal team. Your next RFP doesn’t have to give you the blues.


Communicating FX Risk Within the Firm 

Wes Seeger and David Pierce - GPS Capital

This topic will focus on technology efficiencies that are used to deliver information about enterprise wide FX risk to all different company divisions – such as accounting, tax, sales, treasury and financial planning – as well as creating dashboards to present to C-level and the board.


Luncheon Keynote Speaker (11:30 - 1:15)

Tim Worley - Worley Global Enterprises

"Don't Expect Too Much of Me"

Tim will examine the epidemic that is quietly plaguing leaders today: apathy. Using his own personal example after having reached the top level as a professional football athlete in the National Football League, Tim will illustrate the various angles success born apathy can subtly permeate and then overtly poison leaders in any industry.


Monday Afternoon Sessions

Sessions 4a and 4b (1:30 - 2:30)

Innovation in Global Payments

Everette Glass - Bank of America

Technology continues to change, impacting the payments landscape. This session will cover innovative payment solutions and the macro forces shaping the next generation payments industry. Discussion points include:  1. Macro trends driving global payments innovation; 2. The regulatory forces shaping ‘faster payments’; 3. The resurgence of payments in the US (what’s happening today?); 4. Exploring new models for global payments – blockchain.

Key Issues for Short-Term Investors

Scott Wachs - Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Developments in the short-term markets continue to create new challenges for liquidity investors. Expectations for multiple Fed rate hikes and the wake of U.S regulatory reforms, including tax reform and repatriation, will have an impact on investment approaches going forward. In Europe, the new rules around money market funds (MMFs) will bring significant change to the MMF industry.

Session 5a and 5b (2:45 - 3:45)

Treasury Integration and Automation

Eric Webb - BB&T

The goal of this presentation is to highlight how Integration & Automation within Treasury processes can help drive efficiencies, improve visibility, and promote sound security/risk practices.  Throughout the presentation, we will challenge the audience to consider what their current processes are today and highlight some specific examples of I&A opportunities for Treasury Management practices, including some of the file types leveraged. 

Managing Liquidity in the Rising Rate Environment

Doug Robertson - Fifth Third Bank

For CFOs, treasurers and cash managers, today’s rising interest rate environment is the first time in a decade the return risk implications of investments and short-term cash management have been a consideration. Managing liquidity as rates climb presents an important challenge for most corporates, one made more complex by recent revisions to the tax code. We’ll look at the challenges confronting corporates with limited cash flow and the implications of the new tax laws with regard to repatriation of funds and deductibility of interest on debt. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into managing liquidity in today’s rate reality.


Tuesday Morning Sessions

Session 6a and 6b (8:00 - 9:00)

Navigating the Global Banking Landscape

Anthony Guide and Bill Adams with Ethan Keller - PNC Bank

As companies grow their global footprint, they often struggle with decentralization which makes it difficult for efficient cash management. This session will focus on gaining control of your company’s global cash. We will be sharing strategies for organizing cash management operations strategically in order to uncover and address any inefficiencies. The goal of the discussion will be to not only highlight best practices but also delve into prioritizing the steps you need to take.

Faster Payments - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Gary Nebitt, Gnesbitt Consulting, and Sims Propst, South State Bank

Faster payments are a hot topic due to business needs, as well as consumer preferences. The faster processing and clearing of payments can help reduce risks and provide better customer service. How has same day ACH impacted corporate users? The Federal Reserve System “Faster Payments Task Force” and the Clearing House “Real Time Payments”. What do these mean and what other initiatives are available?


Sessions 7 (9:15 - 10:15)

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Steven Shafer - Wells Fargo

Have you ever wondered what Blockchain is and why everyone is talking about it?  Blockchain consists of blocks of information stored across multiple computer networks, instead of in one location.  This creates robustness because there is no single point of failure, and the data is not controlled by a single entity.  This session will discuss potential benefits and challenges of distributed ledger technology, including cryptocurrencies like Ripple and BitCoin, to businesses.

           Sessions 8 (10:30 - 11:30)

Strategic Planning - Truth or Dare

Michael Alfonsi - Exela Technologies

All executives know that strategy is important. But many find it uncomfortable and accuse it of being burdensome and weak.  The reality of setting “strategy” is that it forces the leader or leadership to confront a future about which they can only guess.  However, the REAL underlying fear in crafting any strategic plan -- is that it forces the division owner to choose “a” strategy.  That itself entails making decisions that explicitly cut off all the other potential possibilities. Key take-aways will be how to candidly assess the true efficacy of your strategic planning process; how to quickly assess research and analyst sources; how to make a contribution to the strategic planning process that will demonstrate that you have “the right chops” to lead your component; and several quick methods to cut to the chase in assessing options, prioritizing them, and presenting a key recommendation to senior management.


Lunch  (11:30 - 12:30)

Tuesday Afternoon Sessions

Session 9a and 9b (12:45 - 1:45)

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Success

Lauren Hood - Bank of America

Research shows that diverse teams, working in an inclusive environment,  outperform and out-innovate homogeneous teams.  “Diversity” is acknowledging the broad range of characteristics and experiences each of us brings to the table.  “Inclusion” is creating an environment where we succeed because of those differences rather than in spite of them.  Lauren Hood, Diversity & Inclusion Executive at Bank of America, will discuss how workplace culture affects different groups of people in different ways, and will offer simple tactics to help you succeed in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Seeking to Optimize Corporate Liquidity

Kerry Pope - Fidelity Investment

Prudent liquidity management starts with cash forecasting that drives liquidity segmentation. Investment objectives and constraints are aligned to create a strong investment policy. Kerry will explore the applicability of investment alternatives with specific focus on prime money market and ultra-short bond funds. While a general overview may suffice for many topics, the devil is in the details regarding this topic.


Sessions 10a and 10b (2:00 - 3:00)

Effective Bank Account Structure

Scott Hogate - PNC Bank

Not having accurate information into your bank accounts increases the likelihood of making inefficient banking decisions. This session will highlight strategies for evaluating the efficiency of your current account structure. Scott will identify different structures, common structure rationale as well as the impact of account structure on various internal departments.

Political Climate and Mid-Term Elections

Geoffrey Duke - Safe Deposit Company

Will the 2018 midterms make a difference to the businesses in NC and SC, or have any meaningful effect on treasury management practices and the members of the association? 


Tuesday Nite Event

Networking & Entertainment (6:30 - 7:00)

Dinner and Entertainment (7:00 - 10:00)

Wednesday Morning Sessions

Sessions 11 & 12 (8:30 - 11:30)

Annual Technology Update

Rob Hickson

Rob Hickson joins us again this year to close our event bringing his unique perspective and discussion of all things technology. If you've seen him before, you know that sleeping is not an option as he will cover numerous technology topics in a fast paced, energized delivery.

Rob always includes a list of the top questions he receives from participants along with detailed answers, advice and plenty of audience discussion.

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