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Do you have a topic that you think your colleagues should hear about and think they would benefit from your presentation?

Complete the submission form at the bottom of the page, then save your document, then upload it to the event Speaker and Topic Submission on the Registration Page.

You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed the registration/submission process. 

Sponsors do receive special consideration but are not guaranteed.

If you have questions, please send questions to  

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your submission!

Deadline for submissions is end of day on January 24, 2021, so don't wait! 

2021 Speaker Submission Form


Some suggested topics from others:

Robotic Process Automation

Real-Time Payments

Investments (reporting and compliance)


APIs and integration to business

Commercial Paper investment and issuance

Fraud and Cyber Security

Handling the transition away from LIBOR

Cash Forecasting

Centralized versus Decentralized Treasury

Planning for Rising Interest Rates (no where to go but up!)

Big Data for Treasury

Bank Service Fee Analysis

Credit Agreements

Hedging (FX/Interest Rates)



Intercompany Settlements (Internal Bank/Netting/Pooling)

Brexit (will it ever happen?)


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